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Natural Pesticide

We offer an advanced range of Bio Fungicide / Bactericide which are

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Bio Fungicide & Bactericide

We offer an advanced range of Bio Fungicide / Bactericide which are biological organisms used to kill or inhibit fungal growth or spore formations. These are non toxic products and have high bactericidal and fungicidal action. Our R & D has shown that bacteria and plant fungi are not able to evolve immunity against these products even after long term usage. We offer following products under this category :

Tricho INN


Clients can avail Trico INN. The product is effective in protecting the crops against various fungal and bacterial diseases. It prevents the growth of soil borne pathogens like Phytophthora, Fusarium and Pythium. The fungicide is compatible with other recommended fungicides & insecticides. These crop protection sprays are very effective in protecting a wide range of crops and are offered at market leading prices.


Environment friendly

Protection against diseases like downy-mildew

International quality standards.


For Spray : 3 ml. / litre of water

For Drenching : 1 litre / Acre

Can also be used in combination with insecticide.




Siderophore is metal chelating compound produced by pathogenic bacteria and fungus. It cheate the insoluble Fe3+to Fe2+ and make more and fast Fe available to pathogenic bacteria and fungus.

Siderophore is an important molecule produced by bacteria and fungus to have fast growth. if iron chelating property of siderophore is inactivated then growth of bacteria and fungus can be reduced or stopped. A substance produced by many Pseudomonas type bacteria and Tichoderma type fungus which restricts the activation of siderophore which is root cause of fast growth of bacteria and fungus

SIDERO is ecofriendly natural toxin enzyme and works without leaving any residue. SIDERO is mostly control of bacterial and fungul diseases on grapes, pomegranate, mango, banana, tomato, chilly, rose,&other vegetables and fruit crops

ALERT BIOTECH has introduced new mechanism for control of seed and soil born harmful bacteria and fungus.


For Spray : 1 to 1.25 ml. / litre of water

For Drenching : 2 to 2.5 ml. / litre of water



The fungus Ampelomyces quisqualis is a naturally occurring hyperparasite of powdery mildew. It infects and forms pycnidia within powdery mildew hyphae conidiophores and cliestothecia. The parasitism reduces growth and may eventually kill the mildew colony.

The mycoparasite is a specific to powdery mildew but has an extremely broad host recorded on more than 64 species e.g.uncinulanecator, Sphacrotheca, Leveilula.

Recommended on agricultural crops, green houses, Ornamental& Plantation

Benefits of Ampeloquin

It is achitinase protein enzyme derived from Ampelomyces quisqualis. So it is one step ahead in speedy fungal control.

It controls fungal infection on each and every crop.


2.5 ml. / Ltr of Water (do not mix with any chemical fungicide)