Natural Pesticide

We offer an advanced range of Bio Fungicide / Bactericide which are

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Bio Stimulant

We offer an advanced range of Bio Stimulant that have pronounced effects in affecting plant growth positively. These products have been specially designed to cater to various crop requirements. The products biological origin makes them safe to use and are offered at very economical prices.

Total INN

Total INN

Total inn is a biostimulant, which increases weight and pulp of fruit. It improves the quality of crops, fruit color, attractiveness, keeping quality and remain fresh for a longer period after harvesting which is suitable for long distance transportation total inn contains derivative of amino acids, Natural Bioenzymes and folic acid.

A natural extract of protein enriched bio-product based on Amino Acids and carboxylic acid.


5 ml. Total Inn should be properly mixed with 10 Liters of Water.

Recommended for foliar application for all crops and horticulture crops.



Growth Promoter


Digicel improves general health and biochemical characteristics of plants. It determines a considerable increase in both fruit quality and production in quantity. Also helps and assist in the complete utilization of physiological reserves of the vegetating plant and to stimulate the normal metabolic process. By using the DIGICEL various benefits were recorded in many crops.

Improves fruit quality, color, luster, size & brightness in grapes

Increase in sugar content (brix) was noted on grape, mango, watermelon & palm

In all crops increased in resistance to adverse climatic condition was noted

Early flowering was seen in tomato, chilies, black pepper, brinjal, and chick pea.

Better fruit setting was seen on tomato pepper, chilies, cotton, pear, apple & cherry

Early ripening and early harvest can be achieved by spraying

Reduces the flower and fruit drop substantially.

Also reduces the yellowing and ageing process

Better and bumper vegetative growth was found in all crops


10 ml. DIGICEL should be properly mixed with 10 liter of water

Bio Lixir Plus

Bio Lixir Plus

BIO - LIXIR PLUS stimulates overall plant growth, induces more flowering, prevents shedding of buds, flower & fruits, enlarges fruit size, improves crop quality & increases yield. It also helps plants to fight against vital and fungal disease.


Shake well before use. Prepare required quantity of solution as per above dose & spray on plants, 3 to 6 sprays as per as the crop duration


Natural Hydrolyzed Proteins, Cytokinins ,Amino Acids, Enzymes with Vitamin B-6


1 to 2 ml. / Litre of Water depending on crop

Chlorophyll sp

Chlorophyll sp

Fungicide & Plant Nutrient

CHLOROPHYLL sp is a natural product consisting Mg-prophyrin.

It boosts the photosynthesis and results to better and healthy plant growth

It produces more glucose that gives more defense system to plants it increases chlorophyll plants

look more green & healthy so it helps in problem of pinkberryof grapes and yellowing of plants

CO2 +H2O --------> C6H12O6 + O2

Dosage :

2 ml. / litre of water

Ox Gene

Ox Gene

Unique plant food-reverse plant physiology

Any plant itself has capacity to produce vitamins, Auxin, Hormones, Peptide and Protein for healthy growth. But today due to immense use of chemical fertilizers, weedicides and plant growth regulators have disturbed plant physiology to pr duce required amounts of Vitamins, auxin etc. Alert Biotech has developed a unique substance which regularizes the plants disturbed physiological system

Leaching losses of sulphur from the soil caused by percolating water thus there is need for annual supplies of the sulphur.

Benefits :

It plays important role in many plant physiological activity

It increases the rate of photosynthesis and chlorophyll formation

It increases cysteine base amino acids and the production of enzymes

On diagnosis of any of these symptoms we recommend usage of our Nano Zinc (Mono) micro-nutrient fertilizer as it is the best remedy available in market. We offer this product at very economical prices.

Dosage :

250 gms / 200 ltr water



Oligosaccharine is a potent carbohydrate. It can decide when seedling should shoot, flowers bloom and even control how long the fruits stays on the plants. This product may also produce different types of generation of environmentally sound insecticides because of its potential ability to stimulate resistance in plants

Feature :

Promote bud formation, make blossom earlier, and increases fruit bearing rate and output

Increases sugar bricks level resulting better resistance power against diseases

Improves luster and keeping quality

Increases fruit value


1.25 ml. / litre of water



ION-D is a combination of iron EDDHA+carbhohydrates. this formulation is developed by Alert Biotech.Ordinary Iron Does not reaches to plant in aproper way and sometially es it gives toxic effects on plants. But ION-D (chelated iron EDDHA+carbhohydrates) is a strongbonded chelated nutrient which reaches 95% to the plants.chelationhelps in preventing loss of nutrient from soil by forming bonds with metal nutrients instead of other unneccesary ions and they function as a critical trace metal carrier alowing nutrients to move freely inside plant ION-D increases crop production in a natural way


For Drenching: 1 ltr / acre