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Natural Pesticide

We offer an advanced range of Bio Fungicide / Bactericide which are

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Natural Fungicide & Bactericide

Our clients can avail a wide range of Natural Fungicide / Bactericide. These products are processed using high grade raw ingredients and advanced technology which ensures that these are prepared with correct formulation. We perform various tests to check their performance. These environment friendly products are available at very reasonable prices.



A Natural Broad Spectrum Fungicide.

Specifications : Natural Extract

Limon in is a bitter product of citrus fruit. lt prevent plants, root & fruit from bacterial and fungal infections. It also gives flavour and good taste to fruits. Limon is a broad spectrum (Natural toxins) fungicide. Today consumers are very much quality conscious, hence increased demand of high quatiiy fruits. Many factors influence fruit quality. Many fungal & bacterial diseases also do great, damage to-ptants & fruits quantity. e.g. Blight is a bacterial disease of pomegranate, Anthracnose on grapes, fungal wilt of banana, the root rot disease of tomato etc. for other crops also.

Farmers uses many types of toxic chemicals to control bacterial and fungal diseases A residue of these toxic chemicals remains in the fruits and vegetables. Which results into poor quality of fruits and vegetables. To produce export quality & safe fruits ,vegetables it is most advisable to use LIMON (Natural Fungicide) for better plant protection.


Limon in (Hydroxy Citral)


1. 25 / ml. of water

Limon (G )


Natural Fungicide - Soil Application

A natural broad spectrum fungicide

Limon is a bitter product of citrus fruit. It prevent plants, roots and fruit from bacterial and fungal infections. It gives taste and flavor to the fruits.

Limon is abroad spectrum ( natural toxins) fungicide. Many fungal and bacterial diseases does great damage to the to plants and fruits qualities Blight is abacterial disease of pomogrenate, anthracnose on grapes, fungal wilt on banana etc and for other crops also .

As it is natural it does not harm fruit in anyway

No chemical residue on the fruit


Limonin (Hydroxy Citral)


20 kg per acre



Slow Release Micronutrient Complex

Citral is a natural product and very effective in control of broad spectrum pathogenic fungus (Downey Mildew)

Fungal infection spreads with the help of spores Citral stops germination of spores

Any fungus produce many spores so its is very essential to check the germination of fungal spores before it propagates and damages the plant.

Citral does not give any residue effect on fruits and plants.

Its vital contents are :


250 ml. / 200 ltr. Water



Fungicide & Plant Nutrient

It’s a amino phosphate complex which gives vigorous plant cell growth and it builds strong cell wall to fight against fungal infections

Many infections are superficial while few go deep within like Downey mildew which spreads through phloem. Hence it is very difficult to control Downey mildew by any superficial fungicide application .

The broad spectrum systemic CAP bulds strong cell wall of the plant specially phloem cell wall to protects against dangerous fungal infections

CAP also help in preventing oomycetes, type of fungal infections, like downey mildew, phytopthora, root rot, fruit rot, pythium, canker, seeding blight, anthracnose, black spots and dieback.

CAP is unique nutrient which gives healthy plant growth.

Dosage :

For Foliar Spray -2 ml. /Litre of water.

For Drenching – 3 ml. /Litre of water.

Repeat spray after 7-8 days as per the intensity of infection.



Secondary nutrient/ fertilizer

Plants need basic N:P:K elements as well as secondary micronutrients like sulphur, magnesium, and calcium. Sulphur is essential for healthy growth and important because due to its deficiency leaves turn to yellow or light green color. Nanosulf contains elemental sulphur on micronised particles which dissolves completely in water. Nanosulf works as fertilizer, fungicide and insecticide also.

Leaching losses of sulphur from the soil caused by percolating water thus there is need for annual supplies of the sulphur.

Benefits :

It plays important role in many plant physiological activity

It increases the rate of photosynthesis and chlorophyll formation

It increases cysteine base amino acids and the production of enzymes

On diagnosis of any of these symptoms we recommend usage of our Nano Zinc (Mono) micro-nutrient fertilizer as it is the best remedy available in market. We offer this product at very economical prices.

Dosage :

250 gms / 200 ltr water



Is a unique formulation of bactercide.

Cynobalt Amine is one of the active agent which help in regulating plant's imbalance in biological process. defence restores their resistance by immune system to fight against diseases adeverse weather conditions, water stress, chemical fertilizers and particular toxins.


Cynocobalt Amin V - B12


For Spray : 5 gm Defence in 1 Litre, then add this mixture in 200 litre of water.

Vital - P


For Prevention of Infection & Better Growth

We offer Vital - P which is an eco-friendly product used in protecting the crops against various fungal and bacterial diseases. It radically inhibits the growth of soil borne pathogens like Phytophthora, Fusarium and Pythium. It is compatible with other recommended fungicides & insecticides. The crop protection sprays are very effective in protecting a wide range of crops and are offered at market leading prices.

Features :

Non - toxic composition

Protection against diseases like downy-mildew

World class standards.


1 ml. / ltr of water