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Natural Pesticide

We offer an advanced range of Bio Fungicide / Bactericide which are

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Neematicide Fertilizers

We offer an advanced range of Neematicide which is a special product prepared from Neem tree extracts. Neem tree offers comprehensive solutions for a wide range of insect and pest management issues of crops. We extract and process these extracts to increase their insecticidal action. Our range can be availed at very reasonable prices.

Nematin ( K )

Nematin ( K )

An organic plant growth promoting fertilizer supplement with biological soil pests (key pest: Nematodes) contains Protease, Amylase enzymes as active bio control agent with superior nematocidal properties.

In many crops due to wrong farm practices 50% fertilizers are catch by nematode instead of plant. Now it’s high time to check growth of Nematodes. To make healthy soil for healthy root to fight against nematode and root wilt problem. It is new way to control root nematode by healthy root


500 gm Nematin – k for 1 Acre ( Dilute in 200 ltr of water & apply on root zone area. )

Paecilo ( G )


It is extract from fungus Paecilomyces lilacinus

We offer Paecilo ( G ) which is a nematode pathogenic soil fungus that inhibits growth of many plant pathogenic nematodes by affecting them at both larvae and adult stage. The pathogenic soil fungus grows on the Nematodes, secreting nematicidal compound that weaken the nematodes and eventually gets inside the insect and kills the infected nematode. The product is offered at very economical prices.

Advantage: Infects all stages of Root - knot nematode, Cyst nematode and Lesion nematode.

Recommendation: Grains, Pulses, Oilseeds, Vegetables, Fruits, Orchards, Ornamentals, Sugarcane, Olives, Banana, Plantation crops like Tea, Coffee, Rubber, Spices etc.

Caution for handling and use of product: Direct incidence of Paecilo ( G ) on eyes may be irritating. It is recommended that the spraying person wears eye goggles, face mask and protective clothing while handling the product.


20 Kg / Acre