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Natural Pesticide

We offer an advanced range of Bio Fungicide / Bactericide which are

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We offer an advanced range of Bio Stimulant that have pronounced effects in affecting plant growth positively. These products have been specially designed to cater to various crop requirements. The products biological origin makes them safe to use and are offered at very economical prices.



Encode the wild gene (wrong coding due to virus).

Inhibits the translation, reverse transcription, other operation ( function, the target T- RNA).

Restart the stunned plant growth.

Keep plant healthy, Vigour and productive.

Better fruit setting was seen on tomato pepper, chilies, cotton, pear, apple & cherry

Function as reviver, nature and good care taker for ill plant ( as lovely mother).

Supliment Sulphur, Calcium for better & healthy Growth.

Also reduces the yellowing and ageing process

Humate help in all well being of plant.